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JEOSCAN 2D SYSTEM is a system which has been the dream of both amateur and Professional users for many years and which are equipped with lated technology and able to meet all the expectations of the consumer. This system which has a unique depth with its searchcoil effectiveness and it is an unrivaled detector in its class with its metal, cave, tunnel and underground cities detection capability, superior metal discrimination feature and real time 2d target signal graphics result screen. Our devices are all waiting for you in our distributors and showrooms with the guarantee of Makro Technology.


The Jeoscan 2D System has a standard General Search Coil and can be used with the Deep Search Coil (optional). The Standard search coil has a dimension of 36 x 44 cm and can detect both shallow and deep metals, especially for metals which have been underground for many years. You will explore depths which no one has searched before with the Standard Search Coil which has a out of the ordinary detection depth.


Deep searchcoil which is provided based on the consumer's demand is specially designed for big targets which have been under the ground for a long time. You will be able to maintain perfect results with this special searchcoil which has a dimension of 60 x 100 cm and can be used by two persons. This searchcoil is produced for our consumers who demand more depth. With the deep serachcoil, you will get perfect results even in ground structures with the richest minerals without wasting time with ferrous metal wastes like bottle caps and nails. Superior metal discrimination feature is the most important feature which seperates the deep searchcoil from other serachcoils. Hunting is to see what hasn't been seen before. Jeoscan 2D can seperate the metals into four groups such as gold, steel, non-ferrous and ferrous. This unique system which can display the metals which are next to each other and reports the user the large and small relation between metals in percentages. Thanks to its user friendly interface and graphic animations which guides the users, Jeoscan 2D system which is easy to use and practical, creates a Professional user from the one who uses the detector for the first time.

국내 공급 가격:

공급 가격: \ 4,200,000 (부가세 별도)
공급 소요 시일 : 약 15일

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