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Evidence Detectors


Evidence Recovery

Discover evidence efficently and accurately with Minelab metal detectors.

Using the most advanced metal detecting technologies available, Minelab metal detectors can be deployed in fields, parks, shoreline, swamps, ponds, flood zones, and more. Effectively detect for crime scene evidence from hours through to years after the crime event.

Minelab Evidence Recovery metal detectors will help you:

  • Discover bullet casings, knives, guns, most jewelry, dental fillings, and small metal fragments
  • Detect for evidence in all-weather environments in extreme conditions
  • Identify evidence trends and patterns faster in the field
  • Mark evidence locations on Google Maps (with the CTX 3030 detector)
  • Recover and record artefacts from archaelogical digs with minimal site disturbance

In addition to the metal detectors below, there are many other options listed under Gold Detectors and Treasure Detectors that may be suitable for your specific purpose. Contact Minelab or one of our authorised dealers for further information.

  • CTX 3030

    World’s best treasure detector!

    • Waterproof (to 3m)
    • Wireless audio
    • Advanced 2D discrimination
    • GPS mapping
    • PC interface (XChange 2)


    Key Technologies: FBS 2  |  Smartfind 2  |  GPSi  |  Wi-Stream

    More >

  • Safari Metal Detector (LHS)


    Great for serious detecting

    • Multi-frequency operation
    • High resolution discrimination
    • 4 programmable modes


    Key Technologies: FBS

    More >

  • X-TERRA 505 Metal Detector (LHS)

    X-TERRA 505

    The Adventure continues!

    • 3 Frequency operation 
    • 1 coil supplied
    • Large target ID numbers


    Key Technologies: VFLEX

    More >

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