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Underwater Detectors


Underwater Use

From shallow shorelines to deep sea detecting - Minelab Underwater Detectors go to the depths that you need to search.

Minelab Underwater Detectors are suitable for all types of detecting:

  • Professional gold prospectors
  • Serious treasure hunters
  • Countermine operations

Fully submersible, from 3 metres (10 feet) to 60 metres (200 feet), Minelab has the right underwater detector for you.

  • SDC 2300

    Compact and waterproof

    • Very compact & foldable
    • Fully waterproof to 3m (10')
    • Rugged & no assembly required
    • Easy patch hunting
    • Very sensitive to small gold
    • Built-in speaker and headphones


    Key Technologies: MPF

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  • CTX 3030

    World’s best treasure detector!

    • Waterproof (to 3m)
    • Wireless audio
    • Advanced 2D discrimination
    • GPS mapping
    • PC interface (XChange 2)


    Key Technologies: FBS 2  |  Smartfind 2  |  GPSi  |  Wi-Stream

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  • Excalibur II

    Top underwater performance

    • Designed for diving (to 60m)
    • Rugged construction
    • Variable discrimination


    Key Technologies: BBS  |  RCB

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  • F3

    The F3 incorporates all the features of Minelab's unique, proven and highly renowned Multi Period Sensing technology into Minelab's new BIPOLAR technology.

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  • F3 Compact

    A compact detector with full performance. 

    The F3 Compact incorporates all of the capabilities of the proven standard F3 detector but uses a new mechanical platform that greatly reduces the packed volume and weight of the equipment.

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  • F3Ci

    More than a mine detector...

    helping to defeat  “improvised” threats

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