TreasureHunter3D metal Detectors

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Our vision

Here at TreasureHunter3D we are constantly focusing on innovating in order to provide high-quality, low cost, easy to use products that incorporate high technology to our customers.


Where are metal detectors developed & where are they produced?

All detectors are developed with professional engineers from US, EU & RU with several years of experience in the field of metal detectors. To achieve best user experience and to cover all our customer needs we collaborate with many professional treasure hunters, metal detector enthusiast and archaeologists from all around the globe that are searching for many different kind of precious objects. Our company is based in CN and HK, this allows us to provide our customers high quality products at competitive price.


Production facility

Vast Elecsource Co.,Ltd
Lixing Road,No.45
  Shenzhen Guangdong
E-mail: Whatsapp:
+86 132 4905 4330


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